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#1 Intuitive Birthing and Beyond
What is intuition? How many of us have it? Can it really help guide experiences? Runtime: 23:24 min.


#2 The Pregnant Body – Do Pregnancy Choices Affect My Birth?
Does my lifestyle affect my baby? How do I know what to choose? A discussion on body, mind, spirit and loving life = LIFESTYLE. Runtime: 32:05 min.


#3 Pregnancy Care – Tests, Procedures and Fetal Positioning
What to expect in late pregnancy, with a focus on the importance of fetal positioning. Runtime: 27:54 min.


#4 Labour and Birth
Birth, birth and more birth … what labour may look like! Education is power! Runtime: 1 hour 28:42 min.


#5 Comfort Measures and Chakra Energy
A look at how you and others can best support your labour: exploring energy work for ideal birthing flow. Runtime: 46:35 min.


#6 Interventions and Birth Intentions
The most common items on the intervention menu and how to create your personal birth intentions. Runtime: 29:19 min.


#7 What Are My Barriers and Beliefs? A Look at Self and Letting Go!
A detailed, honest look at Self, clearing away unwanted baggage prior to becoming a parent; opening your world to love and freedom in anticipation of this life transition … the best gift you can give a child. Runtime: 45:30 min.


#8 Baby’s First Few Weeks, Including Breastfeeding
The early postpartum journey: newborn procedures and all the basics, including baby wearing. Runtime: 36:17 min.


#9 Mama After Birth
The early postpartum journey: from madness to magic, the first minutes to weeks after birth. Runtime: 43:48 min.


#10 Accepting Acceptance – It’s All About Surrender
I’ve got this: a reflection on staying in the moment and manifesting everything I want! Runtime: 13:34 min.

This isn’t just a course, it’s a LIFESTYLE
It Starts With Birth has created something magical, a place to let go of the accumulated ‘noise’ surrounding birth, explore spiritual freedom and to ground oneself in self-love

It Starts With Birth, Intuitive Childbirth Series is a one-of-a-kind, interactive online program, focusing on traditional prenatal course materials as well as on the spiritual side of birth (a lost piece in Western birth culture!). It is a safe place to explore the potential boundaries we face in giving birth, the fear we have around becoming new parents, and the over-whelming idea of really living life in general!

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