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Postpartum Care Poster Series

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Postpartum Care - Complete Poster Series

Postpartum Care - Complete Poster Series (7 posters)


#1 Lochia – Bleeding After Baby

A comprehensive guide to understanding vaginal blood flow immediately after birth until full uterine recovery, at about 6 weeks postpartum. Including warning signs and when to call for help!


#2 Breast Milk Storage

An understanding of the importance of breast feeding as well as a clear understanding of the safety requirements for storing breast milk. Explains the normal appearance and consistency of our unique breast milks!


#3 First Days

A beautiful, functional chart outlining the interactions between mother and baby...


#4 Breastfeeding Positions

Position by position guide to breastfeeding baby! Comes with 3 posters.


#5 Birth Control

Is sex in my future? A complete guide to birth control options, including not using it… the choice is your!


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