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Labour and Birth - Complete Poster Series Labour and Birth - Complete Poster Series (all 8 posters).. Product #: posters-labour-birth-complete-series Regular price: $99.99 $99.99 In Stock

Labour and Birth - Complete Poster Series

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Labour and Birth - Complete Poster Series (all 8 posters) - Digital Download:

#1 Cesarean Section
A visual aid encompassing preparation for surgery through to recovery with detailed explanations of what to expect and a typical cesarean section time line. Includes spinal or epidural anesthesia.

#2 Cervical Dilation
A clean, modern visual aid of how the cervix opens as labour progresses through the three stages, early, active and transition of labour.

#3 Cervical Effacement
Whether a first time mom or experienced multiple time mother, this poster shows how the cervix effaces (shortens, softens and opens) before and during labour as well guides us in understanding how the water may break.

#4 Labour Flow
This easy to follow flowchart encompasses all the technical aspects of the labour process and progress. From timing a contraction to delivering the placenta, it’s all here, including ways to support the labouring woman throughout the different stages of her labour and how she may be feeling! 

#5 Epidural, Spinal and General Anesthesia
A brief, concise explanation of the various anesthesia methods involved in birth. A great visual for parents and teachers alike!

#6 Labour Positions
A visual guide to a variety of useful positions for labour along with descriptions of what the benefits may be.

#7 Pushing Positions
A visual guide to a variety of useful positions for pushing and what the benefits may be.

#8 Is it Time? 4-1-1
Not knowing what might happen can be scary. This poster is designed to help expectant parents be better prepared for the ultimate question, is it time? It provides detailed instructions on how to time a contraction, including the length, strength and duration; when to call the care provider, and warning signs to be aware of.

Included are different scenarios for discussion or roll played in the classroom setting, complete with a visual graphic of a contraction pattern to accommodate the many different learning styles.


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