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Shea Michelle


Shea MichelleShea is the primary photographer, and videographer for It Starts With Birth.

After working in the veterinary field for 20 years, she decided to shift focus in her career and went back to school to learn photography so that she could begin her life as a creative. While completing her degree, Shea had an opportunity to photograph the birth of her best friends’ baby. To say that experience changed her would be an understatement. All that she thought she knew about the birth experience and becoming a mother was over shadowed by the powerful emotions and spirituality she observed in the hours she spent watching her friend work hard to bring her baby earth-side, hold him for the first time. That experience left Shea with a deep passion for labour, delivery and postpartum. She used her skills as a photographer to document women during their pregnancy, birth and motherhood, offering honest and raw imagery that honours the sacredness of raising children.

It is her hope, by sharing the authentic experiences and emotions in her images that women become empowered to communicate with others the triumphs and the struggles of motherhood and a community of support for families can grow.

When she is not photographing mothers, births and babies, she enjoys time outdoors in nature with her husband Greg and their hounds. Shea is passionate about a plant-based, sustainable and ethical lifestyle and hopes to one day build an earthship and live off grid on the west coast- growing her own food and living a simple life in nature.

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