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Seanna McDonald

Executive Associate/Doula

Seanna McDonaldSeanna is the newest addition to the It Starts With Birth team. She is a doula, and mother of 2 older children, her daughter was born in hospital with a doctor and her son was born at home with a midwife. She also has 2 grown step children.

Seanna has always been drawn to babies and pregnant bellies. Her experience with midwives throughout her pregnancy and the incredible home birth of her second baby left her wanting to know more about normal birth, and inspired her to become part of a movement to embrace, empower and support women throughout their pregnancies and births.

She took her doula training in 2002 and has since gone on to support dozens of families. Every single mama was a warrior for her baby. She believes every woman has their own story to tell and to this day she is in awe of the experience and the incredible strength of women.

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