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Odessa Mckechnie

Virtual Executive Associate

odessas bio Odessa and Angela are a mother-daughter team. They share a passion for working with women and babies, and are committed to health and wellness, spiritual wholeness, the ‘pursuit of happiness’ and fostering a lifestyle which supports the ‘whole person.’  Along with It Starts With Birth, Odessa has worked as a midwifery office assistant and professional nanny. Caring for children and families in these capacities has been a joy and an inspiration, and it is in large part these experiences that have informed her professional aspirations. 

In 2017 Odessa was certified as an aromatherapist. In 2018 she will begin a post-secondary certificate program in counseling that will put her on the road to achieving her medium-term goal: a Masters in Psychology.

Odessa finds inspiration and peace through early morning dog walks, quilting, growing plants, herbs, and flowers (creating them into medicinal remedies), bee-keeping, reading in her hammock (while her hens and rooster, Ernie, squabble and sing in the garden!), …and SUNSHINE, she LOVES sunshine! She also genuinely loves to listen and learn from others; she has been considered by those who know her to be gifted with the wisdom of an ‘old soul’!

Odessa has always been compelled to help others in any way that she could. It Starts With Birth allows Odessa to share the many things she has learned from her eclectic community, her unique life experiences, and her deeply-attuned intuition. She hopes to empower women through It Starts With Birth to not only prepare themselves for a beautiful, love-filled birth, but also to build a life for themselves and their families that reflect their most true selves.

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