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Monique de Moor

Managing Executive Editor

Monique de MoorMonique is passionate about a myriad of things, but not least, she has a passion for people – for sharing stories and for connecting through our stories. Monique joined the It Starts With Birth family at its inception and delights in the ways in which its members not only encourage and inspire one another, but also encourage and inspire her in her own Life journey. Monique is the mother of two little girls and works tirelessly to ‘reinvent’ herself to foster in her the “Mother” she aspires to be. Growth and change are at the heart of her journey, and Monique pours her all into doing just that for the sake of building a richer, more whole-hearted life for herself and for her girls.

Doing “meaningful work” – work that serves others – has always been the driving force in Monique’s career and educational pursuits. She completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology at the University of British Columbia before volunteering overseas – in Kenya. Thereafter she studied International Development, followed by a post-graduate certificate in Food Security through Humber Collage and Ryerson University respectively. But it was after her two girls were born that the real ‘learning’ took place. As an eventually-single-mom, Monique reveals that parenthood – for all its blessings – is, for her, an excruciating journey of over-whelming love, self-doubt, worry and emotional/physical exhaustion. It Starts With Birth presented itself at the unique time in Monique’s life when she had vowed to change this trajectory of ‘hardship’ toward – instead – a path of greater JOY, fulfillment, and connectedness.

Such journeys cannot be made alone. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child…and indeed it does, but it also takes a village to support the growth of adults into “Parents”! It Starts With Birth is that village and that tribe! We are there to support, nurture, encourage and inspire one another to live more authentically, more mindfully, more whole-heartedly, and this, by extending the invitation to share our lives – our victories and our struggles – so that each one of us can be our very best selves for ourselves and for our children.

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