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Angela Schaerer


angelas bio picAngela is the founder of It Starts With Birth, an online lifestyle and education community aimed at encompassing the whole person: body, mind and spirit. 

Before creating It Starts With Birth, Angela worked for 9 years as a Registered Midwife and primary care provider to over 550 women and their families.  While each of these women’s experience in preparing for labour and the transition to motherhood was unique, Angela came to identify a pattern in the needs that they expressed along their journey. It is in response to these common-denominator- needs that Angela created It Starts With Birth!

Angela studied in the U.S. and graduated from the Seattle Midwifery School (Bastyr University). She spent her early years studying in both Canada and the Caribbean, before settling once again in Victoria, B.C. to practice as a Registered Midwife.

Angela’s passion for supporting women on their journey toward motherhood began many years before midwifery school. In the years prior, Angela studied and taught childbirth education, offered breastfeeding support, and worked as a postpartum and birth doula. Her interests and passion have also led Angela to study homeopathy, holistic nutrition, yoga teacher training, Reiki and spiritual healing (wherein she received mentorship from spiritual healers including a First Nations Haida Shaman).

Angela is a lover of the outdoors; sitting atop her favourite mountain to work, hiking its trails, and sitting with a hot tea and her dogs in the early morning light are amongst her greatest pleasures. Her goal for working with women runs parallel to the desire she has for herself and the women in her own life: to inspire women’s evolution toward the amazing lives they deserve!

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