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Birth is an unpredictable, epic event encompassing the body, mind and spirit.

It Starts With Birth is dedicated to being a world leader in the art of teaching intuitive childbirth education and supporting lifestyle evolution. Our vision is to provide an informative, engaging, supportive, online culture.

It Starts With Birth honours pregnancy, birth and early parenting as a spiritual journey.  Focusing on inner wisdom, evidenced-based information, and clinical experience, It Starts With Birth offers a positive shift from contemporary childbirth education that goes beyond the single act of childbirth, and encompasses, instead, a lifestyle.

Inspiring confidence while guiding families and individuals to follow their intuition, It Starts With Birth focuses on letting go of expectations and preconditioned ideas of what birth should be; producing more positive birth experiences regardless of birth- setting or circumstance. 

Discover the confidence and power within; evolve!

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about iswb angelaHaving attended the births of over 550 women in the 14 years that Angela has practiced as a registered midwife, birth doula, and primary care provider in Canada, the US and the Caribbean, Angela has amassed an amazing wealth of information! The uniquely intimate window through which she has been invited to view women’s lives has afforded her the perspective on the vastly diverse, yet often also very similar needs of her clients; on many levels, these women became her teachers.

Angela learned that women who educated themselves about labour, and worked on their personal life challenges – their physical and emotional selves – before entering parenthood, had better births! The women who felt supported, educated and able to trust themselves and their support team, expressed much greater satisfaction with their experience even if it was nothing like the birth plan they had conceived of. Most of these women had lovely, uncomplicated, fast deliveries similar to their original birth plans…why/how?!...well, largely by letting go of expectations and following their intuition! The women who fixated on fear, self-doubt, and the opinions of others attracted the opposite: fearful, longer labours, higher rates of operative deliveries and less satisfaction with their birth experience (even when it was still an uncomplicated birth with a positive outcome).  Angela’s hope in creating the It Starts With Birth online childbirth series and lifestyle community is to equip as many women as possible with the knowledge and tools required to empower them during childbirth and beyond.

WEB 143Angela is a mother of three – one born in the hospital and two born at home. She has experienced first-hand – with her first – what it is like to be pushed blindly, unprepared through the birth system. Of course it was not a joyful or loving experience despite being, by all accounts, a “normal” vaginal delivery. Angela knew she needed to educate herself and intuitively evolve in order to ‘create’ a better birthing experience with her subsequent babies; and it worked! She chose an amazing midwife who educated and supported her every step of the way; she looked after her physical body, created a positive birth team, and in so doing, fostered a fearless birth environment.  Contrary to the labour and delivery of her first child, the hours spent in her second and third labours were pivotal, empowering and life changing.  It was because of her own experience that Angela determined to become a midwife.

Women enter pregnancy with their own unique life experiences, some good, and some bad. For Angela, her role as a midwife has meant helping women work through issues like body image, sexual abuse, fear, lack of self-esteem/self- trust, and supporting their efforts to learn in anticipation of their best birth.  We all come to the table with some sort of barrier – even if it is just the damaging host of misconceptions around birthing that we have garnered from the media – but if we don’t let go, that hindrance remains with us and ‘sets up shop’ as that nagging thing in the background. We need to free ourselves of these things so that our experience can be one of love and fulfillment. Letting go of our expectations; trusting ourselves; letting our intuition guide us; evolving with new challenges and opportunities – these are some of the things that lead us to lives wherein we’re happy and whole! It Starts With Birth comes from a place of support and love – to make positive change in our worlds – beginning with birth!


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